Wise words from Nathan Mass on fb

The way I see it, white people came here and told us to stop
praying to trees and start worshipping God through Jesus.
Ofcourse the Arabs preceded them and taught us about
Muhammad so eversince then it’s been about Muhammad and
Jesus. Now while we’re busy squabbling and insulting each
other; I want you to ask yourself a philosophical question.
The arabs and westerners may have brought us religion,
education, but what did we give them in return? You see it
might appear fashionable to you bashing each other in the
name of religion all you want. Calling Muhammad a paedophile
or terrorist and what have you but guess what? At the end
of the day, we’re just Malawians; pawns on a giant chess
board. You a christian or muslim today because your
ancestors were converted to either one of these religions
not because you woke up one day and decided that you’d be a
christian or muslim! Nobody is right, nobody is wrong, all there
is is humanity. Afterall, how good is religion if all it does is
divide people. If all it does is make you feel superior to
someone because they look to mecca when they pray? Like I
said, we’re pawns on a gigantic chess board and the kings
and Queens are the ones who sponsor the vatican and
separatist groups! Remember this, behind every soldier,
there’s a king. And behind, every terrorist, there’s someone
who stands to make a profit. Have you ever wondered how
terror groups acquire weapons? Better yet, have you ever
wondered how terrorists were able to smuggle weapons
onto the plane that brought down the towers? Like I said,
you have no business sounding self important because
whether christian or muslim; you are just a tiny chess piece
on a gargantuan chess board. Keep calling Muhammad a
paedophile soldier of christ. Am sure Jesus is very proud of


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